Sunday, November 25, 2018

Today will see having been said more than 100,000 times since July 10th this year.

Those that have joined us on this journey are not just loyal, committed churchgoers. This is a disparate, rag, tag and bobtail bunch that includes the disabled, the dispossessed, those that feel somehow estranged or exiled from church. Those that churches have given up on, those that have been victims of abuse at the hands of clergy and religious, those that have been told their situation is because of sin or a lack of faith and this who simply can not physically access our buildings or who find the language of our liturgies too complex. 

When we began this journey all we had was an idea from me, Dave that there was a need, I had no means of quantifying that need and it was not possible to put together a business plan because there was no way of proving the market.

What I had was an idea and a belief that there were many such people out there.

In my usual way I pestered those around me, I asked Bill and Katie if I could use the following we had as Disability and Jesus to promote the idea.

I pestered my friends Andy Raine and Chris Suddes to help me put together some simple liturgies and to build the website and in July this year An Ordinary Office was born.

In around five months it has been said over 100,000 times all around the world by people in all kinds of situations.

If such a small group of us, unfunded and unsupported by any major denomination can achieve this in such a short time then surely that is indeed the proof there is a need.

Our challenge now is to get major denominations and movements on board.

So if you are in to "Fresh Expressions" surely this is one?

If you are in to "Pioneer Ministry" is this not it? 

If you are part of the "Thy Kingdom Come" movement, are these people not to be included?

Is this not indeed "New Wine"?

If you are into the "Alpha Movement", should we not begin with this?

Get in touch, combine your huge resources with us, put your weight behind it and let us see what can be done.

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